your heavy energy,



drags me in

and under —

a wonderful torture,

no breath,

yet air.

deep lungs

and full chest.



In October, be still.

There will be a time for chaos.

Nestle deep, spread roots; decompose.


be wild

be wild

or be tame;

nothing can stifle

the flames

within your rusted shell.

one hundred


ignited by a single touch;

a fear of loathing,

yet nothing

but silence here.

a reckless

and sordid


many victims,

no victors.

as such

is our love


it’s been some time

… in which i quietly refer to old material hoping no one notices my gaping absence from this blog/project.

some time ago a piece of poetic flash fiction i wrote was featured on a lovely little podcast that showcased different iterations of the types of love that we feel, from the grandest of moments to the tiniest intricacies.

please feel free to listen to it and many of the other spectacular works that have been featured since then. in the meantime i’ll continue teetering on the precipice of productivity, waiting for something to toss me back into the maw of relentless creativity…

daily writing prompt – “panicked”

via Daily Prompt: Panicked

in a picked little house

on a panicked little hill

in a panicked little valley

in a panicked little world

there’s a sound that your heart makes

that i remember so well,

oh so well.