Making Some Changes…

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Our Awful, Precious Fortune has been my platform of choice for sharing my work for several years now. In the past few months, I’ve made some fairly large changes in my own life in favour of focusing on my creative processes and producing work that I am confident in and happy with. I’ve decided that it’s time I utilize other mediums for sharing my content with others, and so this space will be undergoing some changes in the near future.

For those few who have been following me on WordPress thus far (hi, I see you, and thank you <3), I will continue to share my poetry online on Instagram — if you’d like, you can follow me there as I would be EVER so grateful :)

In the meantime, this space will essentially become more of a traditional “blog,” if you will. My intention here is to use OAPF as a platform upon which I can share my general thought processes and experiences as an aspiring novelist/author, as well as some other content. I hope to post studies of contemporary/mainstream media/literature, things I have learned and will learn as I continue to work on my own WIP, and possibly still some of my own creative work (i.e. poetry, flash fiction, snippets/sections of my working manuscript, etc.).

OAPF will become a more personal creative space, and will be (I hope) a means of holding myself accountable as I work toward some of my larger goals as a writer.

So, for now, feel free to follow me on Instagram as, and thanks for your support. <333333333

– Marika.



and so we hid in caves
away from our tenderness
away from our soft forms

we were shadows
cast against stone walls

with the shades drawn
we were not there

we were hiding in dark corners
under willow trees

a couple of nothing
but here
for each other